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Class 1

Mrs VeakinsMrs Veakins

Reception joining in with a yoga session - you may recognise the cobra, tree and downward dog poses.

Reception had a surprise when their maths lesson included a session exploring the blue bars inthe hall. They all timed their friends for a minute before swapping jobs. They also learned how to take turns and keep each other safe.

Spring 2017 - January












Making a human clock to find out about telling the time.












Mr Hills came into class 1 for his music session.  We practised our listening skills and learned some new action songs.  We also played a clapping game and had a go at tapping the beat and rhythms on the bongo drum. 


December 2016

Just to let you know that there are some very special visitors at Thirsk Garden Centre - Santa's reindeer!

You may find time to visit them and find out more about these impressive animals before they go off on delivery duty. 


You will be able to hear shortclips of the songs we are learning by clicking this link

Autumn Tree pictures

Now November is ending, we would like to share with you our autumn tree pictures.  The children really enjoyed exploring colours and talking about the changes in the leaves as they created their hand prints.


Spring '17 - Week 1

Spring 2017  -  Week 1

Welcome back to school for Spring Term 2017 - we hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break.

It has been good to hear the children sharing their experiences and being really excited about their family Christmas.  Thank you for the lovely presents and cards we received too.

We are starting the term with a topic on Winter, learning how the weather and day length has changed and how this affects our everyday life and the world around us.  A timely reminder about warm clothing for outdoor activities.  Please encourage your child to be independent with putting them on and fastening coats.

Maths will be focusing on measuring, beginning with time and sequencing events.  Your child will also have their Mental maths targets to work on – see homework folders.

Class 1 will be having a music session with Mr Hill every Friday morning this term.  He is a percussion specialist and we are looking forward to learning new skills together.

Star Behaviour certificates will be given out each half-term instead of weekly.


Next Week

We will be starting our ‘Love-Books-Library’ in Week 2.  This gives the children the opportunity to borrow book packs from school to share with their family.  A letter explaining how it works will come home with the book pack.

Please send in PE kits and a water bottle on Monday which will come home on Friday.

Swimming will start again for Y1 on Thursday.

As always, please come in to see us if you have anything you would like to share with us.

After school is usually a quieter time for this.



Autumn ’16  -  Week 10

On Tuesday Class 1 took part in an Indian dance workshop delivered by AnnaPurna Dance.  They learned some of the gestures and moves set to songs they already know, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The Wheels on the Bus.  We hope they will have been showing them off at home too.

We also took part in a Stick dance and this is a theme that Mrs Veakins will be developing through the Monday PE sessions.

Class 1 have also started to learn some of the songs for our Nativity play, My Gift to You.  You will find the lyrics for the songs in their homework each week and we would appreciate you letting them share them with you as they practise their singing.

In Science we have been finding about the names of materials in our everyday life. 

You can help by looking out for things that are made of metal, wood, glass, rock, plastic, paper/card and fabric.

Thank you to everyone who supported Children in Need on Friday  - we can always rely on your support for this good cause!

Next Week

Just  a reminder that Tempest Photography will be in school early on Monday morning to set up for taking school photographs.  You should have returned the slip to say which sets of photo’s you would like  your child to have.

Play rehearsals will start, with everyone becoming familiar with the story.  Y1 will be learning to read their narrator’’s parts and Rec will be acting out the characters and learning some more songs.  We will let you know who your child will be in the play so you have plenty of time to make or buy their costume.



Autumn ’16  -  Week 7

Class 1 has been taken over with Halloween celebrations.  We have been busy designing and making pumpkin faces using 2d shapes as well as painting their own carved pumpkin faces.  We have been out in the grounds looking out for the changes we see in autumn – finding beautiful colours in the leaves and plenty of conkers in their spikey shells.    

We have prepared and cooked the vegetables from our harvest last week to make a healthy and delicious soup for the colder days.   

Next Week

Your child will be bringing a ‘Wow!’ note home.  We hope that you will tell us about the new things your child is starting to do.  It might be a club like swimming or something like riding a bike or helping with jobs at home.
You might choose to tell us about special times with family or a celebration.
A photo to go with the note would be good too!
This has been a long half-term and the new Reception children have done well to keep going.  We hope that you all have a restful half-term wth time to enjoy family and friends.
On  3rd/4th  November Mrs Norris will be on a Paediatric 1st Aid course and Mrs Veakins will be in Class 1 with the rest of the Class 1 team.


Autumn ’16  -  Week 6

We had an exciting start to our Autumn topic when a squirrel came to visit our outdoor area.  We captured the moment on camera to share with the children who missed him.  He explored for a while before disappearing up the oak tree.
The children have been looking for changes in the trees and collecting acorns, pine cones and conkers.  We have also been harvesting the vegetables from our garden.  Please encourage your child to look out for signs of autumn around your home – perhaps they could bring in a photo or draw a picture to share with us.
This week some children have brought home their Super Reader at Home certificate.  These are given to encourage them to read regularly at home, so congratulations if your child now has one.

Next Week

We will be thinking about how the weather is changing and how we need to dress for chilly autumn weather.  Don’t forget the Halloween disco – a great chance to dress up and surprise everyone.
We will be making our pumpkin lantern as well as some soup from the autumn vegetables.

On Friday afternoon Class 2 will be doing a celebration assembly and you are all invited to join us, before we start the half-term break.

First week back!

Class 1 during the first week backClass 1 during the first week back

The end of our first busy week in school and still all smiling!

This week the New Starters for September have been in Class 1. Here we all are having fun with the parachute.

Visit from Talon Falconry

Sports for champions

Story making with friends

Penny Dolan came to share her books with us

Outdoor bubbles

Developing confidence on the blue bars

World Book Day


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