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Welcome to Alanbrooke Community Primary School

Thank you for taking the time to visit Alanbrooke School website. We hope it gives you a good introduction to our school and answers any questions you might have. However, we strongly encourage parents and carers to visit the school in person to get a real flavour of school life.

We work hard to build trusting relationships with all children and families to ensure their engagement and enjoyment in every aspect of school life.  Children and families may experience a range of needs at different times in their lives.   We work together with many different agencies, including the Regiment, to support and to ensure individual needs are always catered for.

We believe that the environment we offer plays a crucial part in developing all our children into happy, healthy, safe and motivated learners.  Our calm, and purposeful atmosphere contributes greatly to the development of the whole child.  Our Whole school behaviour philosophy of Ready, respectful and Safe ensure that children’s behaviour is exemplary.  Alanbrooke School children are taught to make good choices, considering the impact upon themselves and others.

Alanbrooke School is a warm, courteous and welcoming community. Our core values are Courage, Kindness, Acceptance, Resilience and  Respect.  They underpin our vision.  Situated on Alanbrooke Barracks, Topcliffe. The home of 4th Regiment Royal Artillery.

Our aim of No Child Gets Left Behind’ is fulfilled with our Keep Up Not Catch Up – Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Mrs Keeley Ungerechts

Executive Headteacher


Safeguarding: Everyone’s Invited – Alanbrookes Initial Response

Over the last few weeks we have seen numerous media reports linked to the testimonies placed by young people on the Everyone’s Invited website.

We wish to reassure you that safeguarding and protecting our children is the key priority for our school. We have ensured robust measures and processes are in place with regard to children knowing who to report any concerns they may have and feeling safe and secure that the matter will be dealt with. We also ensure our staff receive appropriate and regular training.

It is not only schools who are responsible for the safety of our children, parents also have a responsibility to talk to their children about how they behave towards others including how they use social media and gaming consoles, social media companies have a responsibility to take more care about how their platforms are used and the criminal justice system has a responsibility to show young people that it can be trusted to prosecute and bring to justice sexual offenders. Useful links for parents are on each Academy’s website.

We work very hard on all aspects of safeguarding, and we are committed to always taking these matters extremely seriously.

We have evolved their Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum to ensure that it engages children in age appropriate discussion within a safe environment, which is proportional to the development of their mental stages. If necessary, this would include provision during periods of remote education.

In addition, robust procedures are in place to handle any report of sexual violence or sexual harassment. Fundamentally, an understanding for all children of healthy relationships, acceptable behaviour and the right of everyone to equal treatment will help ensure that children treat each other well and go on to be respectful and kind adults.

To be very clear at this stage, sexual violence and sexual harassment are not acceptable, will never be tolerated and are not an inevitable part of growing up. They have never, and will not ever be tolerated in our Academies and any report from our children will always be appropriately addressed.

To our children – as always, please do not feel alone in dealing with difficult issues. We are here for you.

There is also a new dedicated, confidential helpline, run by the NSPCC, available to current or past victims as well as parents, carers or professionals with concerns.

The dedicated NSPCC helpline number is 0800 136 663

North Star Alliance

We are very proud to be members of North Star and Polaris Teaching School Alliances. North Star and Polaris formed a unique partnership in 2016 to support school improvement across North Yorkshire and work with around 70 primary schools in the region. Our collective aim is to improve outcomes for all children through a self-sustaining, dynamic system of school improvement and support across North Yorkshire and beyond.’

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